Thursday, August 31, 2006

deadwood takes over

Is Deadwood the newest HBO show to influence fashion? Like its predecessor SATC, Deadwood has a stronghold on a pinpointed audience–men. It pulls from the masculine comfort zone of the gritty western, but then modernizes it by offering in-depth characterization, blood boiling plot twists, while taking advantage of HBO’s freedom from censorship–sex/violence. Sicne the show’s premiere, the style’s have spurred a new trend on the runways.. I'm intrigued by the western trend--- and particularly the route it takes to transform into a contemporary style--- by blending it in with other trends (glam rock, goth,70s,minimalism, and neo-romantic).
The same shapes of this suit are reapplied elsewhere, especially the sleekness and fluidity of the pants, and idea of the three-piece suit being split up---- and so wearing the vest solo. Other introduced concepts include the casualness of their formal wear, and the opportunities for irony in all this---an urbane New Yorker referencing Farmer Joe in everyday life.
style credits:

1.van noten, farhi

2.costume national fall 06
margiela for

3. acne denim

4. kris van asche

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