Thursday, September 25, 2008

To my Miniscule Audience

Another Redirection: I will be exploring the concept of the french gamine. This is something I constantly pursue when styling myself, and will be translating current trends/collections to accommodate this.

I think it is the best option for creating youthful elegance while allowing for some sex appeal and staying within a mid-range budget.

stay tuned.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fashion Post-Gossip Girls

Richard Nicolls
s/s 08

What's not to love?
Bondagy with tight panels of sateen and brocade exposing unexpected bits of flesh and coordinating lingerie. All this pristine pastel and 1980s socialite styling.... Is it an ode to the past two Marc Jacobs collection or simply pointing out bathing is currently a prerequisite for being hot. Sexy, young , rich hot.


Isn't it fascinating that one of the fashion world's most whimsical, on-the-fringe designers finished their collection with youthful frocks that even Blair would wear?
Perhaps this is the label's bid for a debut on the show. Or maybe, like their contemporaries, the slyly sexy, uptown brats crawled under their skin.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cane Me Kane

Is any one else breathlessly in love with the direction of fashion for next spring?? I am stunned speechless. There is so much scintillating texture and exploration of uncharted territories. This past pic, taken from the Christopher Kane collection combines 60s childlike naivete with bordello sheer bits, and a juicy orange color for a touch of beachy/sporty. It's where Hussein left off with his s/s 07 show, but without the robotic spectacle and more sex. Prada fall 08 sex.

Don't you love it when designers cross reference other designers (and things their contemporaries pull from), contaminate it with foreign concepts, and make something AMAZING!! Does not happen often, but has been a consistent theme in s/s 08 shows.

IS there a soul left not utterly thankful Christopher Kane started his own line fresh out of school versus toiling beneath a older, more mediocre major label?

God Bless Mr. Kane!

Concept Reworked

Dear Readers:
I am currently experimenting with different topics to slowly gain focus on what I am drawn to, and what readers respond to.

So.... bear with me. I will start adding my own pics of relevant things,along with partuculary moving imagery.Scanned in.