Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One more Clemence Post

Undone hair? Check. Fag in hand? Check. This spread from Vogue Italia's August issue's exhibits triumphant use of accessories. The hosiery and whimsical cuff make the outfit. On the other hand, with the ensemble's greatest strength being its irony, stock up on preppy do-dads; you need to have things to undo with dark and lovely add-ons.

If you love that cuff, check out some of the latest pieces from Jcrew's costume collection. Much of it is Lanvin and Dior inspired.


Erin said...

I love Clemence Poesy in both of these pictures. She's barely recognizable in the first picture, but the look is rather mysterious and sultry.

On another note; stockings are a very overlooked accessory. As a child, they always seemed so momish and grown up - very uncomfortable... But really it can be a fun way to play with pattern and texture. I love the simple and chic dot pattern paired with the shortened, pointed-toe shoes.

Lizzy Washington said...

I wondered if i should mention how gorgeous thosa balenciaga pumps are...