Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Some More Classic Anna

Formerly heading the fashion direction of L'Uomo before becoming the creative consultant and fashion director-at-large of Vogue Nippon, Anna Dello Russo is expectantly a fashion icon. Her pin straight locks and penchant for leggy ensembles might welcome comparisons between she and Carine for some, but not for me. Her color explorations dare to overshadow the Vogue Paris team, and her background in fashion and art history is evident by simply studying her aesthetic of dress. Consistently perfectly accessorized without a hair out of place, Anna is the quintessential Italian and a far cry from the disheveled panthers haunting the halls of Vogue Paris.

Oh, and in case you're thinking---these ensembles look so Carrie Bradshaw....they do! Patricia Field clearly copied the chicest fashion editors across the pond, bringing their keen eye to the small screen. America's youth are the better for her efforts.

All photos were borrowed (not mine)

A Balmain Double Take

The woman on the left is Anna Dello Russo, the fashion director of Vogue Nippon. She is rocking the same fabulous Balmain number as Mary-Kate Olsen. Who do you prefer? Personally I favor Anna's dark interpretation. Her sleek, salt-n-pepper hair emphasize the strong-shouldered silhouette while lengthening her neck. Her sheer black hose melt perfectly into her booties. While Mary-Kate did everthing she could to extend her legs, using nude pumps, she still comes up short. In my opinion, she is too short to carry off such a strong silhouette. Brava for her passionate attempt, as I understand physical limitations can be frustrating while exploring stylistic boundaries.