Saturday, April 10, 2010

Soooo over Camel

Professional and amateur fashionistas alike are a-tizzy over camel and khaki. Meander over to Tommy Ton's edition of Jak and Jil to examine the evidence firsthand.

In his words: "Camel is the new black and a camel coat was the Fall 2010 front row must-have."

He also added how fluidly two major but, in my opinion, old trends mesh with camel: the trends in question being leopard print and wide-brimmed hats. Leopard combines African/ethno-chic inspirations with the rapidly encroaching lady-like glamour eager to immerse us all. The wide brimmed hats tiptoe that line between vamp and military officer.

I think both are exponentially more enticing when paired with navy. The golden undertones of leopard don't blend with navy---they pop, providing an easy way to accentuate and accessorize without the additional effort of opening up the jewelry box. Wide-brimmed hats with navy don't perfectly mesh with any set image in our collective memory. Being darker(and more flattering) than khaki, the sexy stranger quotient only rises.

Shades of tan conjure up British colonialism imagery, African savannas, military officers, private detectives, and sexy flashers. Navy is softer. Navy is like the night sky, tumultuous waters, formidably polished executives, that sexy stewardess, and school girl uniforms.

Navy brightens the eyes and gilds the complexion. It blends and contrasts beautifully with evergreen, ruby, and coral. But, best of all, you'll be THE ONLY ONE. So as soon you grow weary of deep tans and summer trends, come over to my side. After all, the reason message of "Camel is the new black" is that black, as a stylistic statement, is dead.

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