Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Le Bain Reopened; The Love Remains?

Le Bain's pool has reopened, and with it, another healthy dose of Francophile fun and hipster cool. Last year's wet sticky good times inspired countless trends for the following Spring/Summer runways. Some were expected; a tight door that joins together the elites of creative industries will inspire stylish undercurrents like nude colors and peek-a-boo lace. But others, primarily obtained by the observation and appreciation of the joie-de-vivre exhibited by French bankers throwing off the shackles of social constraint, were lovely surprises.

This spring, expect a deep foray in everything bohemian, easy, and soft. After all, its about the good times. ;)

Pics provided by Le Bain; all subjects are indeed French financiers who should be hard at work.

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